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ROTJ Lightsaber Project Files

One of my viewers has asked where can he download Luks’s ROTJ Lightsaber Replica files? Well, how about here:

Luke_ROTJ_Lightsaber_Assy_Parts – If you have inventor, you can take a look at the assembly and part models in IPT format

Luke_ROTJ_Lightsaber_Drawings_1-7-2016 – These are DWG and IDW files with the drawings. You should be able to get a free viewer and check the measurements that I used.

Do note I have no idea what the real measurements are. It is most likely none of these measurements are actually the ones from the real thing. In fact, considering the prop was developed in England (or so I think), chances are the original replica was built using metric measurements, whereas my replica is in inches. This is kind of fascination (although I think the right word would be idiotic) considering inches are an unit within the English or Imperial system. But I am most positive this religious discussion is close to half a century old, so will not continue fueling it here…

Anyway, in order to get the actual measurements I would have needed to buy a prop. If I had a couple million dollars lying around I could have easily purchased the actual original replica. Last time I checked, my bank account wasn’t enjoying from such a deep level in the fund arena. I could have perhaps purchased one of those Master Replicas, but I am not certain how accurate those are anyway. Just because they are licensed doesn’t mean Mark Hamill is going to grab one of them and say “Holy Cappuccinos Batman, is this the one I used on that set 30 years ago or what?”

At the end, I don’t really care about being super exact with my measurements for a few reasons:

1. 99.99% of the people who will ever hold my replica on their hands are not millionaires either. As a result, chances are they do not own one of the Elstree props in which case it is virtually impossible they will ever be able to compare both of them and say something “Hey wait a minute… Who are you trying to fool here?”

2. The great majority of people who have actually held my replica have needed to change their diapers shortly after. This right there tells me they have no idea this thing is not following “The Quintessential Prop And Replica Guideline Handbook Of Ultimate Ruling And Armageddon” available at your local Barnes and Noble.

3. I am already married and have a kid, so Darwinian Survival is now based in my ability to maintain my offspring alive until he can reproduce, not how accurate this replica is and how many ladies out there go through wetting sensations as they check my piece. I mean, my prop… I mean, the replica… Ah, screw it! You know what I mean!


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Hello, I was wondering if once this replica was built if there would be space to add the electronics into it to make it similar to some of the other lightsabers from for example?

Hi Hayden,

This replica can be built in all sorts of way and because it is being built, it makes it easier to add whatever electronics you like. It depends on what you want them to do. For example, I have build pieces which are solid and needless to say, there is no space for electronics. I have also built other parts where pretty much everything is hollow, so there is plenty of space to add the electronics.

If you want to see an example of a fellow who has managed to add the electronics to a wonderfully beautiful piece, you should check His ROTJ replica is a pure piece of gorgeousness! But even then he needs two set of pieces depending on whether he wants the blade or not.

Thanks for checking my projects!


Thank you so much for the project files, man!
I noticed the cylinder drawing is missing. There’s just the ipt file.
Do you have the idw file of it?

Hi, thanks for letting me know of this oversight. I have updated the archive and you should find the requested file included. Happy Lightsabering!


These plans are awesome. I’m having a friend do the cnc lathe, and he mentioned that it would be good to have a total assembly blueprint. Do you happen to have this?



Hi Steph,

Thanks for checking this project! I actually do not have an assembly blue print as pretty much all of these parts are screwed in with a long “all-thread” screw which goes through the center. Also, these plans are meant as a starting point to give you an idea how you can build the replica, but you are more than welcome to make any changes you can think of to make your replica either look cooler or pack other features. For example, anybody with enough lathe knowledge can add threads to the parts and make them way much more elegant than what I have done here. I am not that savvy on the lathe (not yet at least), so I went with the easy technique. You could also choose to add cool innards to make the lightsaber more real. This I leave to each maker, as boy, this could get quite interesting super fast!

May the force be with you!

Hi CNC Dude, Im making my own ROTJ lightsaber, but I having problem to make the pommel because don’t have good skills on the milling machine. Can you give me a hand with that??


Hi Angel,

The best way to make one of these pommels is with an index head of some sorts. This is how I made the first one. There are four different rotary indexes that I can think of, all of them of different price and ease of use:

1. 5-C Collet Blocks (
2. 5-C Spin Index (
3. Rotary heads. (
4. Dividing Heads (

The links are for reference only, so you know what I am talking about.

I placed them in order of cost, which also means order of complexity and abilities granted. Truly, for a ROTJ pommel, the 5-C Collet Block should be enough. You may need to get creative on what kind of arbor you are going to employ, but this is probably the easiest/cheapest.

All of these tools are superbly useful in the shop, albeit I will admit they are rather pricey. I have had them all throughout my 22 years of shop experience, but sold most of them on 2005 when I moved to TX. It still pains me that I sold my rotary table on eBay for a paltry $80. So, maybe you get lucky and can get a deal like this! Hard to come by, but you never know. That would be the easiest way to make one of these pommels!

Good luck!

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